About Us

The Lunch League originated as a lunch-time roller hockey league played outdoors at the StorageTek facility in Louisville, CO. It began as a 3 team league in the Summer of 1997. The league grew quickly to hold 8 teams that played year 'round through December, 2005. The league featured a draft system that rebalanced the teams every 10 games. This created strong and loyal lunch time hockey following at StorageTek.

StorageTek was purchased in December, 2005 and the transition forced us to look elsewhere to continue our popular lunch-time hockey tradition. Boulder Valley Ice in Superior (BVICE) took us up on the desire of many to transition from outdoor roller hockey to indoor ice hockey. We launched our popular hockey format with a small 4 team league on ice beginning in February, 2006. Our formula for lunchtime hockey took hold quickly and we now run 22 teams covering 5 divisions (levels of play).

We currently offer four 10 game seasons each year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Our goal is to provide a fun place to play hockey for players of all abilities.